New Gonzovation Twitter Followers Soar into Double Figures

04 March 2020 -

The news that the brand new @Gonzovation Twitter page had already passed the milestone of more than 10 followers was met with thrilled guffaws at Gonzovation HQ. Only moments after being created, and following a hasty tweet from the @SteadmanArt page, the Gonzovationists were hurtling out of the starting gates eager to spread conservation through Gonzovation and urge the world to start taking care of our wounded planet.

Ceri Levy, Gonzovation founder and collaborator of Ralph Steadman on their 3 books about endangered birds and animals, Extinct Boids, Nextinction and Critical Critters said:

“The rapid increase in followers has been almost overwhelming”.

But there was no time to self-congratulate as there were more tweets to write and articles to pen, to further spread the mission of Gonzovation across the globe.