GonzoVation NFT ‘s to Drop

20 January 2022 -

We are delighted to announce another exciting project for Gonzovation. We are working with Dean Wilson’s web3 and music management company Seven20 – home to artists such as deadmau5 – to release a monthly series of NFT’s over a six-month period through LGND Art. The drops will feature a series of characters and creatures from the Gonzovation almanac and will include some extra special elements.

Each month’s drop will be accompanied by one chapter of an exclusive six-part story written by Ceri and will feature characters from the current drop. It tells the story of the Gonzovationists battle to save creatures from extinction in a desperate battle with their arch foe. Will they prevail and save the creatures that are facing an accelerated extinction? All will be revealed over six enthralling chapters in an environmental comic caper! Alongside each drop of six images there will be one image that’s been specifically created for a series called “Hybrids”.

Characters and species from the Gonzovation metaverse interact with classic Ralph Steadman images in a Gonzovation takeover orchestrated by the artist and daughter, Sadie Williams. This mash-up of Ralph’s own work combines to create a unique and delicious atmosphere, as the characters unite in support of Gonzovation. Each “Hybrid” will be put up for auction with only one digital image and one real-world print available to the highest bidder. When the bidding is over these images are gone, never to be minted or printed again in this format.

Once more, we are proud to announce a partnership with WildAid, who will be a beneficiary of a share of profits made from the sales. What’s not to like? Images, words and conservation…

This is true Gonzovation! The series drops for the first time on LGND Art on Thursday 12th May.

Click HERE to go to the Gonzovation NFT’s!!


Top Row from left to right: Bent Girders, Kevinio, The Moor Pen and the Needless Smut

Bottom Row from left to right: The Turtle Doves, Di Dodo, The Fin Whale