Gonzovation Conversations Go Live!

16 April 2022 -

Proudly Presenting Gonzovation Conversations 

With Ceri Levy

Over the last year, we have taken Gonzovation further than before and we have many exciting projects coming up. The first of which is a podcast series in which Ralph sent Ceri out to chat to people about their love of wildlife, whether they be a birder, a conservationist, a musician or just sticking up for the little guys on this planet. We came up with a catchy little title, Gonzovation Conversations and the series is now available.

In the series we will chat to an eclectic mix of people including, Radio 6 DJ, Marc Riley; Sophie Pavelle, writer and conservationist; Nathan Eagle, an environmental journalist in Hawaii; Will Burns, the poet and novelist; the Urban Birder, David Lindo; Jenny Lonsdale from the Environmental Investigation Agency; writer, conservationist, and straight talker Lucy McRobert; cartoonist Tony Husband; musician Jimi Goodwin; Global Birdfair organiser and conservationist, Tim Appleton, and the Save the Manumea project in Samoa. Plus, we can also promise a visit from Ralph and daughter, Sadie Williams.

Disappear into our guests’ worlds and discover their points of inspiration in the natural world. They share different adventures, perspectives and loves of nature and their motivating and thought-provoking stories show why they are all gonzovationists.

Available on all your favourite streaming platforms.

Listen here: Gonzovation Conversations

Welcome to Gonzovation Conversations.

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