I'm a Gonzovationist lettering by Ralph Steadman

Being a Gonzovationist is all about adapting conservation into your daily life. Small things can make a BIG difference.

Want to become an official Gonzovationist?

1. DOWNLOAD your Gonzovationist Manifesto

2. Sign it.

3. Take a picture with your Manifesto and tag us Instagram @gonzovation letting us know what Act of Gonzovation you will be commiting to.


Gonzovationist Manifesto

We believe that the world needs gonzovationists and our work endeavours to inspire people to stand up for the natural world. Anyone can perform an Act of Gonzovation and we urge them to do so. This may be simply affecting the immediate world around us by removing litter when we see it or planting wild flowers to attract pollinators such as bees and other insects. It could mean signing up to a conservation group that works on behalf of your favourite wild animal. Perhaps it could even mean volunteering at a local nature reserve or takingĀ  atrip to a far flung part of the world on a conservation project. There are many things to do but ticking a like box on social media means absolutely zilch in the real world. Like is a lazy word and a lazy action to commit to. It is not gonzovation; it is a dereliction of duty. To genuinely care about the state of our planet is to find a way to engage with real-time mssions that are being carried out to help our world live a little longer and become safer for all species upon it and in it. Compassion is necessary.

There are no rules for Gonzovation other than to be compassionate for our fellow species, large or small, ugly or beautiful, dangerous or harmless. We all deserve to feed and drink from the trough of life.

Join the Gonzovationists. Sign the manifesto and commit to acts of gonzovation.

Kurt Vonnegut quote, Life is not way to treat an animal written by Ralph Steadman

For starters...

1. Always carry a reusable coffee cup/water bottle with you. Reducing reliance on single use containers could make a huge difference if everyone did it.

2. Do not get plastic bags from shops - bring your own.

3. Keep a watering can near the sink to catch the water as it heats up from the hot tap. Use it to water plants or for cleaning.

4. Look for products in the supermarket NOT wrapped in plastic to put in your shopping basket.


Getting committed...

1. Plant wild flowers in verges outside your home for insects to pollinate. It as easy as scattering seeds.

2. Join a local conservation group or volunteer at a local wildlife reserve.

3. Put up bird boxes around your garden and keep bird feeders stocked through the winter.

4. Write to your MP to ask for change in the way the council is run that might affect the natural world.