About Nextinction

When Ceri Levy and Ralph Steadman produced Extinct Boids they thought that would be the end of their bird book creating interests. But as the seasons passed, they realised that having created a book about all the birds the world has lost, the story of those critically endangered birds that walk the line one step away from extinction also needed to be told.

These are the birds that face NEXTINCTION.

Once more Ralph picked up his paint pots and drew the grim but still alterable future, while Ceri scribbled frantically to keep up with the true life drama that engulfs so many species today. As the dynamic dou dug deeper into the subject they discovered many tales of woe, but also stories of hope, as some species are helped to turn their backs on NEXTINCTION.

More About the NEXTINCT!

The thumbnails below are all from the Nextinction collection. Click on an image to enlarge it and learn more about that creature. But beware, all is not as it seems aboard the Steadmanitania, deftly steered by Captain Steadman and his First Mate Levy. Some of these animals come straight out of Ralph's imagination, but how we wish they actually existed.

Most of these creatures, many of whom appear on the critcally endangered lists and some who sadly may already have disappeared from our world, still desparately need our help, so if one catches your eye, please find out more using our useful links, or have a Google yourself and see what you can do to help.

Conservation Amongst our Feathered Friends

Learn more about how to help birdlife in your own backyard and across the globe.