Call to Gonzovate!

The world is in dire need of protection from the most pernicious species the planet has ever know - the human race. We have mined and plundered, hunted and raised to the ground and we are approaching a tipping point. Now is the time to look at the damage we have wrought and sign up to be  Gonzovationist.

Join people like journalist, Jon Snow and John Baker from WildAid and pledge to make a difference, big or small the world needs you.

Email us your pictures of Acts of Gonzvation, download and sign the Gonzovationist Manifesto and swear your allegiance to our planet Earth!

Acts of Gonzovation

Conservation is a huge issue to try and tackle solo, so that is why we are gradually trying to gather a team of people, the bigger the better, willing to commit to incorporating acts of Gonzovation into their daily lives. These do not need to be big changes. Even a small change can have a big impact. So whether you want to sign up to a local conservation group, reduce your meat intake or simply carry a re-usable cup wherever you go, everything can help and have an impact.

It's time to sign up and make a change and here are a few people who have signed up already.

Be a Gonzovationist!

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Gonzovationists of the World unite! You have nothing to lose but your habitat!